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Jared Bryant

Lead Pastor

Pastor Jared has been in ministry since the age of 17 when God rocked his life while on a mission trip to Europe. He returned home and began telling his friends about Jesus, and within a couple months his living room was filled with friends getting saved and discipled. 


He met his wife, Sarah, while attending bible college at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, TX, and they have been doing ministry together ever since. Jared has planted, developed, and led ministries and teams in the states and abroad. New to the Green Bay area, Jared now has the pleasure of serving the people of SC as the lead pastor.

Sarah Bryant

Lead Pastor

Pastor Sarah has been in ministry since the age of 19 when she first heard God's voice calling her out of sin and hopelessness into a life of purpose and helping people. She began sharing her testimony on her college campus in Georgia before moving to Dallas, TX to attend Christ for the Nations Institute to prepare for full-time ministry. That's where she met and married Jared, started a family, and began ministering together. With their 3 kids in tow, she would go wherever she needed to go and do whatever she needed to do to reach and develop people for Jesus. Having received her pastoral license in 2015, Sarah is now honored to pastor the people of SC alongside her husband.

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Serve Team Coordinator

Linda began attending Simply Church in May of 2018 and quickly fell in love with the small, welcoming church and its simple, yet powerful, message. It didn’t take long for her to decide that this would be her new church home and being newly retired, she volunteered to help out now and then. Before long she realized that her organizational skills could be of use in helping to recruit and schedule volunteers for the serve team. Before her retirement Linda worked as the Vice President of Programs at ASPIRO. She was married to her husband, Mike, for 46 years. He passed away in March of 2020. She has two daughters and three granddaughters. For fun she enjoys international folk dancing and helping to organize an annual folk music festival in Shawano.

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