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Sunday Mornings

Sunday services begins at 9:00am and 10:45am. You may want to arrive a few minutes early so we can meet you and show you around. But if you're in a rush, just grab a seat, and we'll catch up with you later. 


Feel free to drop by our connect tables to pick up your guest gift and check out our cafe area for a free cup of coffee!


Do you have children? Check them into our amazing Children's Ministry, which is available for ages 1-12. 


Parens with children under 1 year of age, can take advantage of the Nursery. It has a window and sound allowing everyone to hear and see the minister. 


In the service, you can expect praise and worship, with a full band, followed by a relevant Bible-based message to encourage you and your relationship with God. 


Have questions or needs? One or our Serve Team members will happily assist you. 


Don't be concerned about what to wear. We are a casual church, so wear what makes you happy. 


We look forward to a great time with you! See you soon!

Join Us Sunday For Are Current Series
@9:00am and 10:45am

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